María Grazia Goya

Director of Photography 


María Grazia Goya
Director of Photography


/the nape of the nape.

Short Doc
“Vaivén follows a teenage boy named Nori in Bauta, Cuba, as he runs wild and free along the local train tracks. The rush of the engines is his heartbeat, his pulse, as he occupies his time by wandering the tracks, observing the travellers, and finding creative ways to harness his energy with the schedule of the trains. The film has a dark and moody atmosphere thanks to the hypnotic cinematography by María Grazia Goya, which makes Vaivén a brooding portrait of the freedoms and anxieties of adolescence.” -Point of View Magazine.

Director: Nisha Platzer
Producer: Nisha Platzer
Yoander Ballesteres
Cinematography: María Grazia Goya
Sound: Nayuribe Montero
Editor: Ángel Suárez