María Grazia Goya

Director of Photography 


María Grazia Goya
Director of Photography


Duty Free

Germany, Denmark, Sweden
Short Fiction Film
The shop manager of a floating bordershop-container in the Baltic Sea, casts off the chains to shore to save the universe of love she and her employees have created inside.


Clara Dessau, Yandeh Sallah, Arash Marandi, Malin Levanon, David Bredin


Director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
Production: Virginia Martin, Sebastian Weyland, Giulia Triolo, Caroline Drab, Manfred Giesecke, Hilke Rönnfeldt
Cinematography: María Grazia Goya
Sound: Viktor Iversen
Production Designer: Signer Krab Nymann
Costume Designer: Johanna Baumann
Make up: Laura Nimtoft
Gaffer: Lisa Bülow
Editing: Matilda Henningsson

Only on Earth

Denmark, Spain

Feature-length film_in post production

A journey deep into one of Europe’s most vulnerable forest fire zones – southern Galicia – where wild horses roam the mountains under the watch of local cowboys.
The film spans the duration of one summer season which gradually turns out to be the hottest, driest summer ever measured. It takes us close to rural life in the mountains as we’re following people and animals coping with the risk of forest fires always present.

Director: Robin Petré
Production: Hansen & Pedersen in
co-production with Polar Star Films
Cinematography: María Grazia Goya
Sound: Thomas Pape
Editing: Charlotte Munch Bengstsen

*IEFTA Doc-in-Progress Award at Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes 2024

*Best pitch award at CPH:FORUM 2023

Llamadas desde Moscú
/calls from moscow

Germany, Norway, Cuba

Feature Length Film

Days before the Ukrainian invasion is announced, four young Cubans visit a Moscow apartment for a 24-hour stay. In their phone calls, the present and future coexist: their stories as undocumented immigrants, and the distress after the outbreak of the war.

*The film had its world premiere at Berlinale 2023, in the Forum ︎section. An a North American premiere at The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA in New York.

Director: Luis Alejandro Yero
Production: Daniel Sánchez López Cosmic Productions, Luis Alejandro Yero
Co-production: STÆR
Cinematography: María Grazia Goy


Short Fiction Film in Post production 

A london based young woman attends her late lover funeral in a remote village of Castilla la Mancha in the early 2000s. 


Georgia - Mae Myers , Ariadna Llobet , Yune Vilanova
Paula Mira, Blanca Martinez, Gonzalo Herrero


Director: Sonia Martí Gallego
Production: Debut Films, Gema Arquero, Manuel Pereira
 Cinematography: María Grazia Goya
Sound: Amarras Estudio
Production Designer: David Medina
Costume Designer: Mapi Boix
Make up: Joseba Errasti
Gaffer: Lisa Bülow
Editing: Ona Bartrolí Portell